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There are treatments that can keep your COVID-19 symptoms from getting worse.

Possible treatment options


COVID-19 Test to Treat map with drop pins showing location

COVID-19 Test to Treat

Early testing and treatment for COVID-19 can mean the difference between a hospital stay and at-home treatment with lifesaving medications. Get tested at a Test To Treat location as soon as you experience symptoms, even if your symptoms are mild.

Test to Treat

masked healthcare professional holding a bottle of pills

Learn About Oral Antiviral Treatments for COVID-19

The oral antiviral pills may help people who are at high risk for serious COVID-19 symptoms recover faster.

What are oral antivirals

woman staring out of a window

Who is at High Risk for Serious COVID-19?

Based on age and other health conditions, someone may be considered at high risk for developing more serious COVID-19 symptoms. Eligible people may qualify for treatments to help them fight COVID-19.

High risk for serious COVID-19


Doctor wearing a mask

Oral Antiviral Treatments

If you tested positive for COVID-19 and are within five days of when you first started experiencing symptoms, you may qualify to take a pill medication, also known as an oral antiviral.

Learn about oral antivirals

IV Antiviral Treatment

The Intravenous therapy, given in the arm, is for people who are within seven days of their first COVID-19 symptom to help them recover faster.

Learn about IV antivirals

Monoclonal Antibody (mAb) Treatment

The mAb treatment needs to be given within seven days of first COVID-19 symptoms and may help reduce the risk of people with mild to moderate symptoms from becoming more sick.

Learn about mAbs


Group of health professionals wearing masks and looking at the camera

COVID-19 Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Explore COVID-19 treatment options and resources for mAbs and oral antiviral medications.

Resources for healthcare professionals